Link Case Management Ltd - 'Brain Injury and Beyond'

Coronavirus Pandemic Update

Please note that, as of 13th March 2020 and until further notice, LCM’s physical office will be closed, and phones diverted. The company will continue to operate as normal, using staff remotely. Please contact 0161-445-5500 for general enquiries or our Case Managers on their mobile numbers.

All currently-booked face-to-face meetings will either be rescheduled or changed to a conference call format. Please contact the meeting organiser for further details although the Case Managers will be emailing all attendees as a priority.

Any relevant future developments will be posted here.

For current employment opportunities, please go here.

Mission Statement

‘To provide value for money case management services with a best interest, non-judgmental and pragmatic approach to each person’s unique situation and needs, ensuring our input is tailored to support clients at the pace with which they are comfortable and in accordance with their circumstances and medico-legal position.’

Janet’s energy, enthusiasm and frank common sense in dealing with and finding a solution to a difficult problem is most appreciated.  Her assistance in enabling our experts to see just how important independent living is for my client has made a very real difference to my client’s future. Jenny Kennedy, Partner – Anthony Gold Solicitors